The history of Agrasys

2005: Founded by a group of researchers from the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (IAS-CSIC) and professionals from the industry with extensive experience in AgroFood R&D management and the development of new crop varieties.

2006: Licensing of the exploitation rights of Tritordeum from the CSIC.

2008: Entry of public funding, and investment by the venture-capital company, Uninvest SGECR.

2013: Commercial launch of Tritordeum in Spain.

2014: Commercial launch of Tritordeum in Italy.

2015: Entry of the second venture-capital company, Inveready BIOTECH II fund, SCR S.A. as shareholders in the company.

2016: Agrasys begins its internationalisation, with the introduction of Tritordeum in more countries, including Turkey, France, Switzerland and Germany.