Our team

Agrasys is, first of all, a people project.

Founding partners

  • Pilar Barceló
    Pilar Barceló Managing Director
  • Paul Lazzeri
    Paul Lazzeri R&D Director
  • Francisco Barro
    Francisco Barro Founding partner
  • Cristóbal Martínez
    Cristóbal Martínez Founding partner


  • Etienne Vassiliadis
    Etienne Vassiliadis Business Development Manager
  • Verónica Guerra
    Verónica Guerra Communication & Marketing Manager
  • Alba Martínez
    Alba Martínez R+D Manager
  • Guillermo Martín Lisi
    Guillermo Martín Lisi Business Developer
  • Giulio Cappadona
    Giulio Cappadona Production Manager
  • Ana Martínez
    Ana Martínez Laboratory Analyst
  • Carlos Rubiano
    Carlos Rubiano Head of Field Facilities